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Samantha Bonnell

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About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Bonnell.

Let me tell you a little about me!  I have many passions in my life.  I have been married to my fearless and amazing husband twenty years and have four delightful children. I have always known one of my missions in this life is in helping others. These two most important of my passions, have brought my life unmeasurable amounts of joy and fulfillment.

Just like everyone, I’ve been thru many obstacles and trials during my journey…I’ve had cancer, a major car accident, friendship and relationship trials, a child with autism and so much more.

My trials and the way I think about them have helped me walk down new, incredible paths and have given me internal strength and gratitude for everything in my life!

I’ve been blessed by the opportunity to engage in public speaking, teaching life enrichment classes, event planning, homeschooling and in being on my County’s Judge’s Roundtable group and Education sub-committee, in order to help children in my area.


As a Life Coach, my role is to challenge you to make strong, positive choices in your life that will facilitate lasting change and in turn will guide you in reaching your full potential! I will be the conduit that will help you discover what is holding you back from this amazing transformation!


Click on picture to hear my recent Podcast I did with Positividy.com !

 I hope you enjoy it!

Samantha Bonnell podcast

Samantha Bonnell Podcast

Samantha Bonnell-Life Enrichment Advisor

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