Don’t Let Your Past Ruin Your Present

            Imagine for a moment, you are driving a race car, going superfast around a track. As you zoom around and around, your eyes are fixed to the road ahead.  You feel a little nudge from behind you, yet your eyes stay fixed on the road. The nudge gets stronger and stronger. It’s starting to make you feel uncomfortable, but you know if you look back you’re going to crash.

I’d like to compare this to those nagging feelings you get when your negative past tries to manifest itself in your present.  If you’ve already dealt emotionally with whatever issues you had from your past and you’ve made the commitment to move past them, then don’t look back. All that will happen is your race car will crash and burn.

Keep your eyes on the road ahead. Even if you look back for a moment it will disrupt your life and those around you. By keeping your focus on your present and your future, you can improve your circumstances. You’ve already dealt with your feelings from the past. Deal with what comes to you now. You are in control of the wheel! But whatever you do, don’t let the negative feeling from your past become a part of your present or future.

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