Closing the Generation Gap

Samantha Bonnell

Life Enrichment Advisor


Millennials now represent the largest segment of the workforce in the United States. As a Mindset and Millennial Life Coach, I feel that I’m breaking down the stigmas associated with being a millennial. I speak with executives trying to learn how best to communicate and benefit their millennial employees. I provide seminars and training to companies to help change limiting beliefs that previous generations may have toward the millennial generation. Once those barriers are broken, I’m able to assist in teaching executives techniques and skills to help the working environment which also leads to millennial employees wanting to stay with the company.  Above all else, millennials want to be heard. They want their opinions to matter. They put more emphasis on human connections, employee wellbeing and the moral compass the company provides, rather than personal income.

I coach millennials and their employers in a wide range of topics.  From college matters, productivity, professional and personal challenges, to mindset and personal empowerment. I encourage my clients to strive for excellence and a stronger sense of self.  I bring the previous generations and the millennial generation gap together by encouraging teamwork and teaching companies how to set up mentoring programs, platforms and workshops for sharing creativity and knowledge. By doing this, companies insure the millennial employee is an integral part of their organization or company.  This in turn gives the company as a whole, a better understanding of each other because they are more engaged and receptive to everyone’s ideas.  The goal is to provide improved work satisfaction, productivity and team work with mutual respect and encouragement.

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Closing the Generation Gap