Scars Mean You Survived!

Do you have scars? Are you feeling self-conscious of them? I understand where you’re coming from.  A while ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Of course the thyroid needed to come out, but I knew it would leave a scar right on my neck. At the time, I was so worried about what other people would think. Would they stare at it?  Would they ask me lots of questions?  I had so many questions!

The day of surgery came and went.  I took care of my scar as my doctor instructed me to do. I saw it every day, wondering if it would get any better.  I was always hiding the scar under a scarf of some sort.  I like scarves, but when it is 90 degrees outside in the Texas heat, it was so difficult to wear one.  I was VERY aware of my scar, all of the time!

One day I woke up, saw my scar and felt awful!  I wanted to cry. I started looking up quotes.  I came across a quote that said, “Scars mean you survived!”  It threw me back!  How could I be so petty about my looks, I thought! I SURVIVED CANCER! To this day, I look at my scar differently. I am proud of my scar!  I know that may sound odd, but I am! I survived something that not everyone is able to. I feel so blessed.

I now wear my scar as a testament and badge of my courage that I went through a very difficult situation.  A potentially life threatening situation! I survived it! I SURVIVED IT! 

If you are having a hard time coming to grips with your scar, remember it only makes you more beautiful because you have gotten through something that was very difficult.  Wear your scar as your badge of courage….be proud of it! You are so amazing to have WON your battle!