4 Ways to Communicate

4 Ways to Communicate

4 Ways to Communicate

Personal communication is key in every relationship. Whether you want to speak to your teenager, your mother-in-law, your friend, spouse or co-workers. Everything begins and ends with how you choose to communicate with those around you.

Communication is much more complex than people realize. There are many ways of communicating some of which are appropriate and some of which are not, due to specific circumstances. Below we will explore some of the methods of personal communication and my thoughts on each.

  • Verbal (spoken) Communication (face to face, telephone, sign language):

Most of us use verbal communication as a strong tool to communicate our thoughts, feelings or anything that comes to our minds. It is of upmost importance to use when dealing with a difficult issue that requires one to express what is truly bothering them. Verbal communication and Non-Verbal communication usually go hand in hand, but not always.

Some say that sign language is non-verbal because of the use of hands when communicating.  There is some debate on this, but I like to think of it as Verbal communication because people who need to use sign language, use their hands as their voice.

  • Non-Verbal Communication (body language, gestures, how we dress):

Our body language and gestures say a lot about what we are feeling. If you’re upset for instance, you may wave your hands around while your body looks tight and stressed. If you’re happy, your facial expressions and you’re overall disposition says, “I’m happy.” We tend to use the Verbal language in line with our Non-Verbal ques.

I know some of you may be upset by the next one, but how we dress gives out ques as well.  If you are going to a job interview, you’ll want to look your best for the type of job you are being interviewed for. When you dress for success, your body language, gestures and verbal communication go in line with how you’re dressed because you’ll have more confidence. If you go to the same interview with something you’d wear to the beach, chances are you’ll feel awkward and less confident for that interview. People should keep in mind to dress for the occasion.

  • Written Communication (letters/cards, emails, text messages, social media):

It is nice to receive a card or letter. We usually get these around important events that take place in our lives. Emails, test messages and social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter have their place in communicating also. We need to remember when we use written communication, the verbal and non-verbal ques are not present. This may lead to miscommunication.  If there is something truly important that needs addressing with someone you care about, it is always best to go with Verbal communication. The person you are communicating with will be able to pick up on your non-verbal and verbal ques much better than through a text.

For example, if you’ve been going back and forth on a topic through texting, it may be difficult to know if a person is excited, mad, frustrated or joking if they use an explanation point. What if they don’t use any punctuation marks? Who knows how they are truly feeling. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this happen. Rule of thumb, if the conversation is super important, communicate verbally with them.

  • Your energy:

Your energy says a lot about you. If you are feeling upset, agitated, peaceful, tired or excited, people pick up on it! As soon as you walk into a room, your energy says hello before you ever open your mouth. Remember, at all times you are carrying around your “energy.” Are you positive? Are you negative? Are you a joker?  You can sometimes change your energy by doing something that makes you feel a certain way. For example, if I’m having a hard day, I’ll look up inspirational quotes or stories. It seems to help me become more optimistic and happy.  Find what helps you to carry the energy you desire and you want others feel when you walk into a room.

I’ll be going into more detail about each of these in upcoming blogs, so keep your eyes open! Have a fantastic day!